Mobile Apps

“This Application will provide the peace of mind that your employees are seeking”

By allowing each staff member to notify local authorities and specific law enforcement units with one click, the MJC III Application is a quicker and safer alternative!


Notifies 911 operators, local authorities such as city, county, and state police stations and specific specialized units such as the Counterterrorism Bureau, Bank Robbery Task Force, and Joint Terrorism Task Force accurately via email within seconds.
Provides local law enforcement entities with the exact GPS location of the emergency.

How to Use:

Prospective clients will provide MJC III with their employees’ personal information, and the information will be uploaded into the MJC III Security Emergency Application database.
The MJC III Security Emergency Application will monitor each of the client’s business location throughout the duration of the contract.
The client have to download the application to their smart devices and select the specific emergency, such as: active shooting, robbery, bomb threats, etc. when needed.
After clicking on the specific icon, an email confirmation will be sent immediately to your email, letting you know help is on the way.